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Marketing & Branding

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Marketing & Branding

As marketers, we understand a strong brand is built on a solid communications foundation, with integral messages and brand attributes repeated to your target audience over a variety of platforms. While a brand is a simple message about a product or service, there’s nothing simple about branding. Our approach helps clients blend analysis and creativity into powerful brand messages to best define your personal brand and develop positioning strategies to create a wide range of lucrative opportunities.=We recognize that clients are as unique off the court and field as they are on. So we help to develop a unique brand identity for each client individually.

Brand Development

We listen to you envision it and we help create it. At GMGSE, we listen to our clients, to make certain that we’re clear on clients’ expectations, visions and goals. We utilized all of the following components to carve out the best path for the development of your brand, all of which will define who you are and what you represent that will lead to potential endorsements and partnerships in the near future. We will leverage our relationships to align you with other brands, companies and decision makers across different corporate industries.


By defining your brand we create positive associations that translate into lucrative opportunities.We use our industry contacts and experiences to create partnerships and opportunities to align clients with brands that share their convictions and passions.Our fresh, intimate approach delivers meaningful alliances and long-term collaborations for new sources of income.

Public Relations

A great communications strategy drives business and enhances brand credibility and reputation. Through our public relations services, we help clients create compelling messages that generate the buzz that expands your visibility. We provide our clients with the fundamentals of success and commitment to build individual athlete brands and opportunities as brand ambassadors. With former journalists, and corporate communications experts on staff, we work directly with each individual to support and expand existing efforts, and visibility with fans, brands and influencers.

Social Media Strategy & Digital Platform Development

Digital communications has crossed over into every marketing function. Our clients look to harness the power of digital by blending technology and creativity. We create the game plan to help you connect to your fans and grow your audience base. By developing plans for engagement, encouraging fan reaction and creating a consistent dialogue with your base, your social media assets and digital platforms become a critical part of your brand strategy.