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Athlete Representation

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Athlete Representation

We promise to work diligently for you to achieve your dreams and goals… We will develop a friendship that will be based on trust, integrity, honesty, hard work and dedication to you. This friendship, trust, work and communication will be the foundation of our success. Together we will win!

Contract Negotiations

We promise to work diligently for you at all costs. GMGSE teams of professionals understand the importance of securing the right opportunity for you. We clearly understand the intricate details within the Collective Bargaining Agreement and will leverage our expertise to negotiate the best contract you deserve. You will always be our first priority as we thoroughly understand your worth.

Statistical Analysis

Our Subject Matter Experts are the best at developing statistical analysis. We utilize analytics to capitalize on the statistical revolution and understand analytics methodology used by the NBA to evaluate players. We will demonstrate your worth and value for the NBA to leverage the best opportunity for your future, come free agency. Through our statistical analysis, you will know your game better than anyone else and use this information for off-season training to enhance all areas of your game.

Pre-Draft Training

GMGSE will design and coordinate a customized pre-draft training program to fully maximize your draft position. The personalized plan is designed to help you excel at the highest level. Our athlete training program is based on your personal needs, goals and strength to push you for the elite capacity. You will participate in highly competitive and rigorous regimens with our trained professional skills and strength and conditioning coaches. You will also have a personal nutritionist available to you.

Our sports performance training improves functional movement to support the physical demands of life and sport. We help our athletes decrease injury risk, and build strength and power.

In addition, you will work with media trainers to prepare you for combine interview training. Our team of professionals will strategically coordinate your workouts schedule and leverage our relationships with NBA general managers, scouts and other team officials to highly influence your draft position based on your pre-draft training. The road to success begins here…