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Proud parents got to enjoy the Super Bowl ride too

Original Source: https://www.examiner.net/story/news/2021/02/18/khalil-davis-carlos-davis-tracy-and-carl-davis-tampa-bay-buccaneers-super-bowl/4494869001/

Tracy and Carl Davis have big hearts, and two big sons.

Both of those sons play in the NFL, and one is a Super Bowl champion, who made sure that every member of his family was on hand in Tampa, Fla., to see his Tampa Bay Buccaneers dominate the hometown Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 in Super Bowl LV.

That’s a scenario Tracy and Carl could have never envisioned when they adopted two 9-month baby boys they named Khalil and Carlos.

Khalil and Carlos starred in football and track and field at Blue Springs High School, where they were part of two football and two track and field state championship teams. 

The twins accounted for more medals and trophies than the Davis home could display, and they went on to earn recognition at the University of Nebraska, where they each earned eight letters in football and track and field – becoming just the ninth and 10th Cornhuskers to earn eight letters in Nebraska sports history.

Khalil was then drafted by the Buccaneers, a team that was the talk of the NFL after it had signed Tom Brady. Carlos was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and both young men had fulfilled one of their biggest dreams – making it to the NFL.

“But I couldn’t even begin to dream about being a Super Bowl champion,” said Khalil, who shared the magical week with his brother, his sisters Monique and Simone, and Mom and Dad – who he surprised with tickets to the big game.

“When you’re a kid growing up, your parents do everything for you, and that’s how it was for me and Carlos,” Khalil said. “My mom and dad and our sisters did everything for us. Our dad missed a lot of our track meets and some football games because he had to work two jobs.”

Khalil paused for a moment, and added, “He had to work two jobs just to feed us. But I never heard him complain, and my folks would never say anything about how hard they had to work. That’s why I wanted to surprise them with the best vacation of their lives.

“I wanted them to come to town, take them on a cruise, put them up at an Airbnb, go for a cruise on a yacht, eat at fancy restaurants – the works – because they mean so much to me. They mean so much to me, and Carlos and our sisters.”

Carl and Tracy lived in Blue Springs, and cheered for the Chiefs while their children were growing up. But for one magical week in Florida, they exited Chiefs Kingdom and began cheering for a new favorite team.

“Khalil made sure it was a magical week for all of us,” Tracy said. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but there was one moment where I was so proud. Khalil took us to an extremely fancy restaurant.”

“We walked in, and he didn’t have on any football gear or anything that said Tampa Bay, and the people in the restaurant looked at him and began to applaud. They were applauding for Khalil – that made me so proud.”

Khalil got a bit choked up talking about that moment.

“That made me feel so special,” Khalil said, “but what really made it feel special was the way it made my mom and dad feel. I could tell they were really proud.”

“We were eating at Charley’s Steak House, the best place to eat in Tampa, and people started clapping and cheering. I still don’t believe that happened – and mom and dad were there to see it.”

To cap off the week, Carl and Tracy were given tickets and field passes to the big game.

“Although Khalil didn’t play in the game, I couldn’t have been any prouder of him,” Carl said. “There was my son, on the sidelines, cheering on his team as they won the Super Bowl.”

After the final play, family members were allowed on the field and Carl took that moment for a special celebration.

“I got down on my back and made a snow angel in the confetti,” Carl said, laughing and chuckling. “A snow angel in the confetti at the Super Bowl – can you believe it?”

He then watched as the Super Bowl trophy was handed to Khalil, who marched around the stand with the iconic symbol of football supremacy.

“My son carried that around, and you could just tell how proud he was,” Carl said. “He carried it around like he was the MVP of the game. That’s a moment we will remember forever.”