Athlete Representation

Contract Negotiations

We promise to work diligently for you at all cost. GMGSE’s teams of professionals understand the importance of securing the right opportunity for you. We clearly understand the intricate details within the Collective Bargaining Agreement and will leverage our expertise to negotiate the best contract you deserve. You will always be our first priority as we thoroughly understand your worth.

Pre-draft Training

GMGSE will design and coordinate a customized pre-draft training program to fully maximize your draft position. The personalized plan is designed to help you excel at the highest level. Our athlete training program is based on your personal needs, goals and strength to push you for the elite capacity. You will participate in highly competitive and rigorous regimens with our trained professional skills and strength and conditioning coaches. You will also have a personal nutritionist available to you. In addition, you will work with media trainers to prepare you for combine interview training. Our team of professionals will strategically coordinate your workouts schedule and leverage our relationships with NBA general managers, scouts and other team officials to highly influence your draft position based on your pre-draft training. The road to success begins here…

Statistical Analysis

Our Subject Matter Experts are the best at developing statistical analysis. We utilize analytics to capitalize on the statistical revolution and understand analytics methodology used by the NBA to evaluate players. We will demonstrate your worth and value for the NBA draft to leverage the best opportunity for your future, come free agency. Through our statistical analysis, you will know your game better than anyone else and use this information for off-season training to enhance all areas of your game.

Athlete Relations

Business Management

GMGSE is dedicated to providing world-class business management services to our athlete clients.

GMGSE seasoned professional will serve as your outsourced chief financial officer. We will work with a highly-skilled, dedicated team of professionals and partners to manage your day to day activities, while working with you to formulate, monitor and achieve your long-term business goals. GMGSE Business Management operates in a state-of-the-art paperless environment, where the protection and privacy of your information is paramount.

As your outsourced CFO, your GMGSE Business Management partner will assemble and lead a team of professionals in connection with specialty areas such as business development, risk management, investment advisory, estate planning and foundation administration. Our professionals work with our strategic partners to keep a steady flow of up-to-the-minute opportunities, best practices and ideas in our communications pipeline. Our reputation for honesty, integrity, independence and unbiased advice is especially valued by the clients we serve.

Concierge Services

Day to Day Management and Concierge Services

Our professionals employ a disciplined and structured approach to work closely with families to manage their personal affairs and ease the burden of their administrative responsibilities. We provide a broad spectrum of services that is designed and coordinated with key members of your business team. GMGSE is the “go-to” professional liaison that will perform business planning for clients, handling all day to day matters pursuant to your needs. We apply our proven expertise and attention to detail in the following service areas:

Client Concierge Services – Book all travel, i.e., flight, hotel and car service, schedule dinner reservations, spa appointments and personal chef appointments.

  • Scheduling private travel arrangements
  • Personal shopping
  • Review vendor proposals and supervise household services
  • Insurance analysis and oversight
  • Property management

Foundation Administration/Philanthropic Ventures

Lending a helping hand is the best form of assistance that you could provide to family. We perform basic foundation fundraising duties and are instrumental in assisting with the development of clients’ foundations and building a network to support their causes. We encourage all of our clients to become participants in other charities of their choice or develop their own. We assist with identifying causes they desire to support.

Legal Support

In today’s society you can easily become a target or vehicle to success for others. GMGSE’s team of legal professionals understands the value of having the best support at your leisure. Our attorneys will be available to you for any professional and personal matters you may encounter. We care about you and your families and want to make certain you are protected and properly represented. We will take the lead and be the driving force to secure your future.

Post Career Planning

Assist clients in assessing their future career interests and provide them with strategies for transitioning from one career to the next. Clients will be given the opportunity to enter into a mentoring relationship with former/retired professional athletes and entertainers.

Marketing and Branding

As marketers, we understand a strong brand is built on a solid communications foundation, with integral messages and brand attributes repeated to your target audience over a variety of platforms. While a brand is a simple message about a product or service, there’s nothing simple about branding. Our approach helps clients blend analysis and creativity into powerful brand messages to best define your personal brand and develop positioning strategies to create a wide range of lucrative opportunities.

Brand Development

We listen to you envision it and we help create it. At GMGSE, we listen to our clients, to make certain that we’re clear on clients’ expectations, visions and goals. We utilized all of the following components to carve out the best path for the development of your brand, all of which will define who you are and what you represent that will lead to potential endorsements and partnerships in the near future. We will leverage our relationships to align you with other brands, companies and decision makers across different corporate industries.


By defining your brand we create the positive associations that translate into lucrative opportunities. We use our industry contacts and experiences to create partnerships and opportunities to align clients with brands that share their convictions and passions. Our fresh, intimate approach delivers meaningful alliances and long-term collaborations for new sources of income.

Public Relations

A great communications strategy drives business and enhances brand credibility and reputation. Through our public relations services, we help clients create compelling messages that generate the buzz that expands your visibility. We provide our clients with the fundamentals of success and a commitment to build individual athlete brands and opportunities as brand ambassadors. With former journalists, and corporate communications experts on staff, we work directly with each individual to support and expand existing efforts, and visibility with fans, brands and influencers.

Social Media Strategy/Digital Platform Development

Digital communications has crossed over into every marketing function. Our clients look to harness the power of digital by blending technology and creativity. We create the game plan to help you connect to your fans and grow your audience-base. By developing plans for engagement, encouraging fan reaction and creating a consistent dialogue with your base, your social media assets and digital platforms become a critical part of your brand strategy.



GMGSE has a pristine track record and respectable relationships in radio and television; news sports or entertainment. We have assisted our clients in defining the right opportunity for them in all media outlets and will do the same for you. Our seasoned professionals will assist with the process from start to finish. We will develop your portfolio and provide media training. In addition, we will pair you with other professional for mentoring.

Content Development

Great content means great storytelling. We believe everyone has compelling stories to share. We work with you to publish stories – video and audio - that evoke emotion, position your brand and deliver consistent content to your select audience across a variety of digital platforms.

Media Training

Our executive leadership/media & presentation coaching program provides corporate, sports executives and athletes best practices to represent their brand, marketing and communications strategies. Our benchmark approach is tailored to address individual strengths and challenges and the program offers rigorous one-on-one training to help develop powerful communicators. From power grammar sessions, accent reduction work, to presentations and on-stage performance, our classes are tailored to address each individual's goals and build the skills needed to make an impact when it matters most.

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