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K’Von Wallace: A Storm is Coming

Original Source: https://www.si.com/nfl/eagles/news/kvon-wallace-a-storm-is-coming

The Eagles rookie safety has patiently waited his turn and it may now, as well as for some other rookies if Eagles season continues to spiral

Say this about K’Von Wallace, the rookie from Clemson doesn’t lack for confidence. Or swagger. Or bravado.

To wit:

“I feel like my time is going to come and it’s going to be a storm coming in, and I just can’t wait for that time to come,” he said on Friday afternoon as the Eagles prepare to play the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

That storm could arrive sooner rather than later after the Eagles parted ways with Will Parks earlier in the week. Parks never was able to find much of a role in defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz’s defense, but maybe Wallace will. Marcus Epps and Grayland Arnold, too.

In fact, if the season continues slip-sliding away, there could be more opportunities for the rookies, drafted and otherwise, as well as other younger players.

“It’s not a sign that we’re supposedly throwing in the towel, right?” said head coach Doug Pederson. “And we’re letting all these young players play. We have confidence in our young guys. We’re excited about our young players, and it does give them an opportunity to play and they have been playing anyway and they have been playing on special teams and doing well.

“So great opportunity for these guys to really plug them in, help us win, and so I’m looking forward to these young players getting an opportunity now to help us succeed moving forward.”

Wallace and Jack Driscoll could be the next in line to see a snap increase.

Driscoll will start at right tackle on Sunday in place of Matt Pryor, who Pederson said he prefers as a top reserve on either side of the line inside at guard or outside at tackle.

“My goal is to help the team win games,” said Driscoll. “Whatever that role is, whether it’s starting or filling in for a guy that’s hurt, or whatnot. My approach has been the same each day.

“On the sidelines when I’m not playing, I’m cheering those guys on. Maybe I see things on the field, or I help (O-line coach Jeff Stoutland) see things. It’s great to play, it’s fun. It’s always great to be out there representing the city of Philadelphia, and the organization.”

Driscoll started two games earlier this year and has played in nine games, collecting 169 snaps thus far.

Wallace has played primarily special teams, earning just 53 defensive snaps and just six in the last four games.

“Me saying I can’t wait, I can wait, but me saying (that), the eagerness of showing the world that I’m here to stay, and I’m here to bring some winning to this program and this team.”

Wallace is from Clemson. He knows winning.

The rookie safety, drafted in the fourth round, also knows patience.

In fact, he called it his best friend, a relationship that developed while he was at Highland Springs (Va.) High School and he didn’t become a varsity starter until his senior year. Even at Clemson, he had to wait his turn, finally entering the starting lineup in the sixth game of his sophomore season.

“Having a best friend, there’s going to be some good and bad things you say to each other, do to each other, whatever the case may be, so there are some things I don’t like about patience and some things I love about patience,” said Wallace. “I’ve grown to make patience my best friend.”

Wallace said because of his history and the patience he learned while waiting for his chance at Highland Springs and Clemson has served him well.

“Every time I was patient I reaped the benefits,” he said. “I ended up having a fantastic junior and senior season at Clemson and it’s one of the huge reasons I’m here now being drafted in the fourth round by the Eagles because of patience.

“I know my time will come and I’m going to dominate every single I time I get on that field. I know I’m going to dominate every single special teams rep, whatever you need me to do I’m going to go out there and do it because I am a confident believer in whatever is thrown my way I have to be patient and when my time comes I’ll be ready.”

The time may be now for Wallace, Driscoll, and others.